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The brochure is a single page, folded, and simple printout that has pictures and text regarding the product or services of a brand. They are often used in advertising and marketing and can be seen in offices, retail shops, and restaurants. Apart from marketing, here are some brochure ideas you can use to create impactful results.

  1. Use it as an Invitation: Using a brochure as an invitation lets you give significant information about you and your company. It can be beneficial for you in case your event has marketing as one of its key components.
  2. Think about Non-standard Folds: Instead of using the standard panel arrangement, you can make your brochure creative with unique folds. This works well with businesses offering creative solutions by sending a fine message regarding your brand. You can project yourself as an out-of-the-box thinker and forward planner.
  3. Play with the Shape: Have fun with the general brochure shape. The product is merely a paper piece, and it is not a rule to make that piece rectangle. You can select the desired shape for your brochure by making a fold and starring every point inwards to make panels. Or you can go with hexagon, pirate, or circle shapes to deliver a better brand impression.
  4. Indulge an Infographic: Infographics convey vital information in easily and quickly readable formats. You might have seen numerous infographics online, and a brochure offers the best method to carry it into print.
  5. Embrace Embossing: Adding embossed text or imagery in your print marketing materials also adds an attractive touch. It makes your brochure appealing at the first look by adding texture and depth to the page.

Printers in Cleveland QLD can help you explore more attractive options based on your business type and marketing needs.