Kids T-shirts have been around for centuries. In ancient Greece, people would dress up in costumes to watch athletic events. They would also wear tunics that had a big V across the front. The V was for victory, and so the kids t-shirts we know today were born. You can also buy kids t-shirt at

During the Victorian era, children often wore clothing that was functional as well as fashionable. One of the most popular types of clothing for young boys during this time was a collared shirt with a high neckline and long sleeves. Because these shirts were so comfortable, they became known as “toys” or “pajamas” and were worn all day long. Girls during this time also wore dresses with high necks and long sleeves, but they didn’t usually wear collars. 

In the late 1800s, a new type of shirt called a “blouse” began to be popularized. Blouses were similar to what we know today as T-shirts, except that they had no neckline and were wider at the shoulders. They were also shorter in length and had a tighter fit than T-shirts. This style of shirt became very popular among women because it was easy

T shirts have been around for over 100 years and have had a lot of changes during that time. In the beginning, they were just for farmers and workers to wear in the sun. They weren't meant for fashionable people to wear. Over time, T shirts started to become more popular and stylish.

They started to be worn by people in different professions. For example, doctors would wear them because they would get dirty from working. Later on, T shirts started to be worn by kids too. This is when they became known as "kids" T shirts. Nowadays, T shirts are a very popular clothing choice for both adults and kids.