Gluten is a protein composite found in food items that are processed using wheat and other related grain species such as barley and rye. Although many of us are not gluten intolerant and also the possibility those who are gluten intolerant may not be aware of it.

Gluten consumption is identified as the main cause of Coeliac (celiac) disease and unfortunately, the diagnosis of Coeliac disease would also take up to a decade before being diagnosed and other autoimmune conditions connected to Coeliac disease could affect us during the decade that is spent on diagnosing. Therefore it is advisable to consume less gluten or no gluten at all when it is possible even at a slightly higher price.

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Gluten-free catering is not that widely available but if it is in our area it would be a great option that we could use to cater to our private or corporate functions. It is a fact that GF catering would be slightly more expensive than conventional catering yet it would in return give so many benefits to our health in the long run

. The reason why gluten-free food would be slightly expensive is the time consumption and the extra effort that goes into the preparation of GF food. And the fact that most gluten-free products have a less capable of being made in masses and therefore each dish would have to be prepared carefully paying full attention.

The end result of the added effort is not only our health benefits; also food would taste better than its counterpart gluten added food items. Preparation of GF food is both a complicated and a sophisticated procedure to combine gluten-free ingredients and an added effort in the kitchen to substitute for gluten and unless we find a capable caterer with good recipes, it would not be that easy for us to try and make most of these GF food items at home.