A tent is a temporary lightweight shelter, draped over a frame or a rope and mostly supported with a rope tied to stakes or pegs which are already fixed to the ground. Tents were mostly used by armies as shelter as they travel from one place to another. The frame may be metallic, plastic, rope or a combination of the tree or two. 

Military tents have several uses and types than you can imagine and one of the most popular types is inflatable tents. This type has changed the conventional use of tents to something for fun and recreation. They come in handy, easy to fix and to travel with. Inflatable tents also have different types, shapes, color and size depending on the occasion. You can buy the best quality army tents via https://www.rddusa.com/product-category/military-tents available online.

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Besides this, inflatable tents have other numerous uses. They can be used for exhibitions and celebrations. One of the biggest inflatable tents was said to be about 10m high and 30m wide and capable of holding about 800 people.

Because of their easy set ups and downs, they are also used for medical and emergency assistance during disasters to accommodate refugees and displaced people. There are others used as mobile hospitals in some remote areas. Inflatable tents are actually waterproof, fire retardant and have ultra violet protected roofs.