Digital video recorders (DVR) often called by the merchandising term "personal video recorder (PVR) is a consumer electronic device or application program that stores video in digital format for disk drives, USB flash drive, SD memory card SSD or another mass storage device that is local or networked device.

It is able to record directly to an electronic video tape recorder, which can record analog signals in pictures. If the analog signals are recorded on tape it is necessary for the tape to be run at a low speed in order to function continuously. This is because to allow a tape of three hours to last for 24 hours, it has to be programmed for a time-lapse basis, which typically is around four frames per second. In just a second, the camera's image could change drastically. You can get cctv camera installers services via online.

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A person , for instance, could have walked for 1 meter. Hence, when the distance is split into four pieces, i.e. four frames, or "snapshots" at the same time every frame will appear blurred, unless the subject remains relatively still. Analogue signals can be converted to digital signals, allowing recordings to be saved on a computer to be recorded digitally. 

The wiring and cables might not be the most flashy component in a security solution, however it's an essential part of the whole system. There are many things to take into consideration when choosing and installing cables and wires to ensure that your security system is working properly. 

Security cables for video are available with both video and power cables running in a row (known by the name of Siamese Cables) and all in one jacket. This makes installation less difficult than trying to connect two cables.