To keep up with the current styles and enjoy all the modern trends that are in vogue, you might find contemporary interior decoration worth liking. Contemporary interior decoration is cozy and welcoming without it being drab and dark.

Today, modern style is very common in homes and offices. Modern interior designers at iHaven Design Consultants Pte Ltd make apartments and offices a quiet and comfortable place. 

In general, the modern interior design includes clean lines, simplicity, finesse, sophistication, and texture. Modern interior designers and designers work to bring more space than ever before by emphasizing more color, feel, space and elegance.

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They use more neutral and lighter colors and use bold and bright colors to represent a contemporary style. Today's day for interior decorating includes neutrals, whites, and blacks.

Black is an earthy and neutral color for the walls, while bold accessories are used to accent the background. Shades of bright colors such as green, orange, red, white, gold, and beige are widely used in modern interior design.

The modern interior design also includes some big brands such as chrome metal accents through the heavy use of mirrors and glass. A wide variety of bold color blocks, bare windows, high ceilings, and geometric shapes are used in both walls and art sculptures.

It includes more of the things that make up a modern interior, and less here. Each part used has its own uniqueness and is unique with this type of interior design.