Court reporting services cater to the legal industry providing accurate, word-for-word transcripts of testimony, arbitrations, depositions, and other legal proceedings. These written accounts become part of the legal record.

With the help of real-time court reporting equipment, a court reporter can transcribe the spoken word into real-time text that appears on television screens – as the words are being said. And, of course, this same technology can be used at live events, both in person as well as online. One can also get court reporting services in Toronto by hopping over to this website.

Reporting services are concerned with transcribing videotaped and audio records into text records. For instance, if a lawyer needs to record the initial consultation with a client, he/she may later want that recording transcribed. 

Similarly, it is also essential to create precise transcribed notes of a videotaped interview, speech, or deposition. Court reporting services are quite popular amongst various legal, medical, and business professionals who generally need transcribed notes of their different taped conversations, dictations, and pre-recorded events.

Advanced court reporting is capable of creating electronic transcripts. Instead of searching through numbers of papers or viewing hours of videotapes to locate a specific passage, a simple search with the help of keyword phrases brings up related passages.

Why are you recommended to use court reporting when there is a need for transcribing audio or video, especially if outside of the courtroom? Even if your transcription job does not require knowledge of legal terminology, of course, employing court reporting services is fast and efficient.