For many couples in the engagement ring market, custom-designed engagement rings can make a lot of sense. While there are some couples who will fall in love with an engagement ring they see in a store window, magazine, or website.

However, let's define a custom jeweler first. A jeweler who creates jewelry according to precise specifications is known as a custom jeweler. These artisans can produce a wearable piece of jewelry by looking at a photograph or drawing, taking customer preferences into consideration, or both. Before beginning the project, a good custom jeweler will give you hand sketches or digital renderings of the final piece.

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Would you be a good candidate for a custom-made engagement ring? Consider the following points:

* It might be more economical. Chances are, a custom jeweler can make an exquisite replica of an engagement ring in the same design as one worn by a celebrity, typically for less money. A jeweler can help you through the several costing considerations so you can decide which, if any, factors, such as stone size and clarity, metals, and settings, need to be changed or sacrificed in order to stay within your engagement ring budget.

* Recreate old fashions. Love vintage-style rings but hate the idea of previously owned jewelry? This is the situation where custom jewelers excel. Take lots of pictures of the many ring designs you like.