People are looking for an email software that will be innovative and evolve with its users. Many email programs outshine Outlook by regularly releasing new features and tools. We think Outlook has fallen behind. Despite huge resources, they have not been at the forefront of email for a long time.

There are a number of things to consider when you are searching for a replacement solution for outlook public folder. Whether you are using one for business or personal reasons, there are essential standards that must be met.

public folder replacement

Here’s what we have used to measure the best alternatives to Outlook public folders:

  • Price

The price is not the only factor to consider for finding an Outlook alternative. That being said, we did compare platforms against the original price to give you the whole picture. Starting at $19.95 yearly, Outlook for desktop is affordable. It becomes more expensive if you also need Office 365 business plans, which range between $5 – $20 a month per user.

  • Integrations

Integrations are key to both personal and business use. These are tools that enhance your email client experience because you save time opening up other programs and having to re-input information. Users need integrations like an alternative to Outlook calendar, communication apps like Slack or Microsoft teams, and project management apps.

  • Security

The contents of your inbox should never be vulnerable to a breach. Any Outlook alternative we highlight discloses how they collect their data, offers two-factor authentication, and does a good job of filtering spam before it lands in your email. Added security considerations we looked into end-to-end encryption, open-source, where the servers are located, and how metadata is handled.

These are some of the main things you should be looking for when migrating from Outlook public folders.