Already after spending a few months into the pandemic, we know by now how important it is to keep our nose and mouth covered. Maintaining a safe distance, keeping our hands sanitized, can keep the virus at bay.

Keeping in mind your safety, having a transparent medical face mask will not only keep you safe from the novel coronavirus but also other air-borne disease-causing microbes. The transparent face safety shields and the face protective shield visor with glasses, both have a peel-off protective layer, are reusable and easy to clean with disinfectants.

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Masks provide layers of fabric or other materials to filter airborne droplets and aerosols that carry the coronavirus particles. A dense cotton weave or the random shred of multi-sized fibers in a transparent mask—tends to trap both larger and smaller particles more efficiently.

To be most effective, masks need to be worn by all people who are within six feet of one another, and particularly those in enclosed spaces such as classrooms. Even if a mask only effectively traps half of the virus particles as an infected person exhales, if their neighbor sits father away and also wears a mask, the chance of viral particles reaching them is significantly cut down.

Whether face masks are homemade or medical, teachers or students should check to make sure there are no gaps between the mask and skin on the nose, chin, or cheek.