A Facebook Chatbot is a new bot that automates the shopping process on Facebook and helps as it may pertain to the orders, returns, FAQ, and so forth. Chat Bots help automate the tedious process of several customer support requests and functions within a chat environment, like Facebook Messenger Bot. Users can easily program the bot based on their specific needs by using pre-defined parameters like language, gender, location, age, and so forth. This bot serves as an automated assistant, performs tasks relevant to the user's profile, stores uploaded files or media in its memory, and displays a personalized dialogue box for each contact.

Facebook Messenger Bot was initially released along with Facebook's Markup Language tool. The Facebook Messenger Bot has been upgraded and now includes a wide range of tools for marketers, advertisers, and webmasters. It also provides the capability to manage multiple accounts from a single place. Apart from that, it also supports the Facebook applications and plug-ins and can be integrated with the Facebook applications to allow for better marketing opportunities. In short, the Facebook Messenger Bot is like having a social media assistant in one's own chat room.

The Facebook Messenger Bot comes as a free service to all Facebook users. If you are not familiar with the Facebook Messenger Bot, then here are some important things to get to know. Basically, the Facebook Bot is a web automation platform that allows developers and business owners to build, test, and debug their websites without the need for HTML or PHP coding. The Facebook Messenger Bot, also called the Facebook Web Bot, uses a client-server architecture, which makes it more efficient than other web applications and plugins. These programs also offer a number of features and capabilities that will help businesses in their online development endeavors, such as image credit, group chat, video, games, and location tagging.

Image Credit: One of the most important capabilities of the Facebook Messenger Bot is its ability to automatically give image credits to any member of your group who uses the bot to send you a message. This feature means that even if you are not a member of the same page as the person you are sending the message to, you will still receive an image credit. You can use the Bot to insert the image credit on your Facebook page, or you can publish it directly from your website using a graphic creator. The bot will only accept images that are uploaded using the latest web technologies, so ensure that you update your software to take advantage of new technology by downloading them if they are available.

Group Chat: One of the best things about the Facebook Messenger Bot is the fact that it offers a great solution for group chat. Group chat is an excellent way to interact with customers, partners, and colleagues. With the Facebook Messenger Bot, you can easily join groups that interest you, invite people you already know, and create your own groups that other members can join. One of the great things about group chat is that it allows you to stay connected with your peers no matter where they are in the world. The bot also uses Facebook's chatbot functionality to make it even easier to initiate group conversations. You can use the bot for free, but it's worth purchasing the upgrade to gain the additional features it has.

Group photo Albums: One of the most impressive capabilities of the Facebook Messenger Bot is that it can create albums based on pictures posted by millions of fans. To use this function, you will need to create a user account on Facebook. When you have logged in, you can go to the Account Settings section, click Applications, and then click Photos. Once there, click on the + button and then choose a photo album from the list of choices.

Manychat: One of the things that made Facebook's messaging platform so popular was the fact that it had the capability to handle multiple conversations. This feature is still active, allowing you to have many chats in a single window. All you need to do is add the bot onto your Facebook profile and enable it to handle your multiple chats. The manychat interface is very easy to learn, even for new Facebook users. It was originally built for academic research and university assignments, but it can be used for just about anything you want.

Customer Service Bot: Facebook Chatbot platform powered by the Facebook Messenger Bot is also useful for customer support. You can set up a bot to help with common questions like which pages on the site are best to promote and which are the best places to find products. This bot can be accessed with a simple login, and once installed, you can be in business. The robot can be used as an admin or a support bot, depending on which way you want to use it. Like many other Facebook Messenger Bots, manychat is an upgrade to the basic bot.