A Family Trust Will executor is an individual or an organization who is commissioned to manage an estate belonging to a decedent individual. Other terms used for this job include personal probate representative estate administrator, executor estate agent, probate administrator. Usually, executors of estates are appointed by the Will and Testament.

If a decedent dies intestate (without the Will) the administrator is appointed by the probate judge. Every estate has to go through the probate process. The only method to keep assets from probate is to create an irrevocable trust for life insurance or living trust. That is it is better to create a Will so that your family will not face any problems after your death. You can hire executors of family trust Will from trustees.co.nz/private-wealth/family-and-estate-planning/wills.

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If you are deciding on a person to be the estate's administrator. It is crucial to meet with the person in question and ask for their consent. The administration of an estate is a challenge as well as emotionally draining and time-consuming. Executors of Wills must be legal and not have any felony convictions.

Estate planning is an essential element of planning your life. No matter how large or little property you have it is essential to create a will and define who will be the beneficiary of your possessions in the event of your death.