A game table is a piece of functional furniture. It is designed for play but there are some that will add to the decor of your home while others are better suited to a game room. The variety of styles gives you options of where to place the table such as in a home, pool hall or bar setting. 

Your choice will also be guided by the type of game you will be playing like bubble hockey, chexx hockey or any other. You can buy bubble hockey tables via https://bubblehockeytable.com/ online.

These tables are basically made of veneer so the manufacturer can provide a cosmetic appeal to the appearance. The legs should be made of solid wood so they provide enough support for the heavy slate that is placed on top. 

A top quality bolt should attach the legs to the plate. It should not attach only at the top as this leaves the remainder of the leg open for bending over time. The best setup is a leg that has a bolt running the length of the entire leg.

Sizes will vary and should be considered when shopping for a hockey table. They range in size from seven feet in length to the snooker style at twelve feet.