A Facebook Chatbot is a chatbot that integrates into the Facebook platform and enables direct interaction with the users as it may relate to their queries, orders, etc. Chatbots help automates certain customer service needs and automates the entire process of numerous customer service requests. It also helps the user to communicate effectively to the sales agent without much hassle or inconvenience.

Most people who use the Messenger Bot feel that there are too many benefits associated with using a Messenger Chatbot than any other bots available. There are also some who are unaware of the various features that can be used to facilitate their transactions.

The Facebook Chatbot is an online bot developed by Facebook for communicating with the customers. This kind of chatbot is created on Facebook's own messaging platform called Facebook Messenger and provides the user with instant responses. This means that the bot will send out a response to the user in an instant manner and the user has to wait for a few seconds before getting the response. Users can set their limits on how often they want to receive their messages and can customize the rate at which the responses appear as well.

The Messenger Bot allows users to store their shopping preferences. This will allow the user to track their past purchases, store their preferences to the specific products that they are shopping for, and keep track of the orders that have been placed. This information will help the user to better manage their expenses while shopping and improve their shopping experience. It will enable the users to make the most out of their purchase and save money from unnecessary expenses.

The Messenger Chatbot also helps customers to find their favorite products. They can search for items according to their preference. They can also search for products based on the product specification. With this feature, users can get help to choose the right product that will provide them with the maximum benefits.

The Messenger Bot has a large database that contains the names and addresses of the users who had purchased the products that are being offered on the site. It will also provide the buyers with the list of the products that were sold through the website. It will also allow the users to check out the customer reviews about the products.

The users can also use the chatbot to create custom profiles for friends, family, and even strangers on the site. To add a little something special on their profile page. The users can add their own text, photos, and images to the profile page as well. This is another way to let the community know about their online identity.

It is important for the users to make sure that the features that the Messenger Bot provides are of high quality. It is also necessary for them to ensure that the features are compatible with all platforms so that users do not have a hard time using it across different browsers.

The chatbot has an option to send direct messages to the other users. They can easily reply to their friends without having to log in. Another useful feature of the chatbot is its ability to send emails and attachments to other users without having to have a Gmail account. This enables the users to share files between their accounts.

The ChatBot also has an option to add members to their list and invite them to join the chats with them. They can respond to their friends without having to leave their conversation. The users can also share files that they have shared with others in the file manager.

The users can also share their contacts with other users through the Messenger Bot. This allows them to get updates regarding their contact details and send emails to all the people on the list in their inbox as well.

The users can also leave comments and reviews about products on their list. They can leave reviews about the services offered by the website. They can post their feedback about the products or services offered by the website. It will also give them an opportunity to comment on the blogs posted by other users.