The manufacture of drinking water bottles must follow the standards set by the government for the manufacture of these sophisticated products. The first important fact is that the bottles must be made of clear plastic and this is also preferred by the customers. The plastic bottle manufacturers can provide you recycled plastic which will help the environment.

Injection Molding of Bottles

Another advantage of using pure plastic over recycled plastic is that it doesn’t cost anything. It should be noted that water gets dirty very easily. Therefore, the use of pure PET can largely solve the problem of environmental pollution. When melting plastic at high temperatures, care and vigilance is required to ensure that the bottles are in the correct shape.

There are some key tips that people involved in the manufacture of bottled water should keep in mind that can increase their goodwill in the market.

Bottles containing pure mineral water consist of two main components, namely antimony and acetaldehyde. The first is a type of metal that is mainly used as a catalyst in PET plastic. It is usually used in small amounts as antimony trioxide to allow plastics to form appropriate cross-links. However, there is always a migration concern when metals tend to mix with water. This happens to many products, including PET plastic bottles. Acetaldehyde is another worrying element that can be helped especially during the manufacturing process. 

Therefore, bottle manufacturers must also be aware of this. However, it is not a highly toxic substance. Mixing more than necessary can change the taste of the water. Therefore, providing high-quality bottled drinking water to companies in this business is often a challenge.