As a buyer, we invest in a product for some time. The amount of time may not be long for many products such as a meal or beverage, but for other products, it can be quite long such as a pair of trousers, and even longer for a car.

Take for example the floor scale that has been giving you a faithful performance for some time now. The benefits which it brought with it when you first bought it probably are still being enjoyed by you. But floor scales for selling being an evolving product, there would now be better floor scales available in the market.

A new floor scale may not be justified but the improvement can be significant and so you must check out the latest floor scales from time to time.

The challenge for us as a buyer is to time our purchase right in the sense that we should not discard a product when it still makes sense to use it even though newer and better products might be out there. On the other hand, we should not continue to use a product when better products have arrived which offer significant savings. And to be able to meet this challenge we need to keep ourselves informed about the developments even if the product we have is giving us a satisfactory performance.

The reason why floor scales are such evolving products is there are several fronts on which improvements can happen. The height of the floor scale platform can go down further thanks to slimmer load cells. Digital technology can bring about more convenient features such as check weighing and counting functions.