The rule of nature is that everything and everyone will grow old with time. The process of aging is irreversible. You may be running around with a bundle of energy today but with the passage of time, you too will grow old and have to be taken care of by someone else

Quality of care plays a crucial role in-home care. Sadly, a  majority of nursing agencies provide home attendants who fall short of basic skills vital for elder services. Therefore, families hiring home attendants will have to train them once again. This causes tremendous strain on the family members especially the primary family caregiver(s).

The private assistance organization provides training and briefing home attendants before they are sent on assignments. A home nursing care provider is poles apart from many others in the trade. The company does thorough background work before putting any home attendant on the job.

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Role of a Nurse Officer

A certified nursing assistant competent enough to handle the elderly patient as well as the patient’s health condition is put on duty.

The nurse officer develops a Patient Care Plan. It includes a medication schedule, meals schedule, massage sessions, recreation periods, and a daily routine. He or she then makes periodic visits to the home of the elderly patient and monitors the patient’s vitals. 

The nurse officer also monitors the work of the home attendant based on regular feedback given by the patient’s family.