Moving house is generally accepted as one of the three most stressful things in our lives; It goes on like this death, divorce is on the way again. It is, therefore, no secret that choosing the right mover is essential for a successful move. The reality is that the emotional and financial consequences of making this decision wrong can turn a positive experience into a nightmare that can take years to recover from.

When you first approach moving companies for a quotation, the first objective should be to separate the professionals from the pretenders. To achieve this you need to understand that the entry-level in a business on the go is very low. All you need is a website, a good sales track, a vehicle and a mobile phone. If you're planning to relocate, you can hire removalists in Point Cook.

Everyone loves a good deal, so the first thing you'll notice is that prices can vary greatly for the same service. The most important thing to understand is that the price quoted will only get you up to the starting line. Once a step is taken each error adds to the overall cost and the more errors that occur, the higher the costs incurred.

Many moving companies specialize in converting customer transfers into commodity purchases by quoting rates per cubic meter. This is nothing more than a sales ploy. Measurement is not something customers are familiar with and movers control this debate. A customer should only be interested in a quote based on the service and their material list.

 Movers bid by cubic meters to save themselves from estimating mistakes, take service out of the equation and create opportunities for additional fees. If the measurement is less than quoted, how many refunds do you think customers get? Moving should never be viewed as a commodity, it is all about service and the comfort of knowing your precious asset will be taken care of by a reliable and professional company.