China is one of the few countries in the world where the internet is censored. This basically means that anything you search for or access on the internet is being monitored by the government. Some websites and/or apps may be blocked because of their content. Most countries usually ban illegal and torrent sites for their citizens. 

In China, you will see tighter control over what is accessed on the internet as websites and services like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are banned in that country. There are some smart ways discussed in the upcoming paragraph to access your Facebook account in China. 

Use A VPN:

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a secure portal that protects your privacy online, whether it's your searches, the websites you visit, or anything else you do on the internet. Using a VPN can give you the shade you need to access your Facebook account without informing hackers or government agencies. If you are also looking for chinaVPN then you can visit

VPN options to use in China

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Use A Proxy Server:

A proxy is basically a website that you can use to access other websites. Proxies have a very interesting concept. When you open a proxy website in a country and access the website through it, the data on the network looks like you have access to that website in that country. However, sometimes this method is not very reliable.

Distributed Network:

There is a browser called Tor which uses the concept of a distributed network. This concept spreads your web browser information across countless websites and helps you to remain undetected and anonymous. While it may seem like a very good hack, loading speeds can be quite slow as data has to travel a long distance to reach you.