Making the choice of sending your loved person to a nursing home and then entrusting them to strangers isn't an easy process. It's, after all, an issue of quality-of-life for the elderly and the caregivers. You can look for a nursing home alternative for Rhode Islanders via PACE to give the best care to elders.

4 Ways to Keep Your Elderly Loved One Happy in a Nursing Home

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Here's a quick guide for choosing the right nursing home for the needs of our elders. There may be certain points, based on the requirements of your loved ones, however, it will provide us with some idea on what to look out for to ensure it is possible that transitions from home caregivers to a nursing facility option is as smooth as is possible.


The transition from independent living to a life of controlled regimen is the hardest challenge our loved ones face upon moving into the new community. Especially when they are used to making decisions on their own – what to eat when to sleep etc. The more freedom they enjoy, the more likely their loved ones will be happy on a daily basis.


Before choosing a nursing facility, go on an excursion to look at three or more options – preferably with your loved ones. Nothing is better than a real visit to ensure that the place is exactly what they claim it is.


Our loved ones want to have a good time in their current state of health and live in the best way possible. Therefore, one of the items you have to ask about is the preventative programs that the hospital offers.