There are many private secondary schools across Ireland and it can be overwhelming to determine which one is best in terms of choosing the best school for your child. This article will help you understand how to narrow the search. There are league tables that show the private schools based on the results of their exams.

Private high schools are able to pick their own curriculum and consequently, they may choose to exclude certain modules you wish your child to study. For instance, one private secondary school might offer an English Literature module that focuses on playwrights who wrote in the 19th century.

Your child is the best you know. It is essential to read the syllabus for every subject module by module (for every school) and figure out which school's curriculum best suits the child's personality.

Private schools are not likely to diverge from the national curriculum that is laid out for public schools. However, the slight differences in the choice of modules can be the most significant factor in the attention span of a teenager. Some schools that are gender-specific tend to tilt their curriculum towards general assumptions about a particular gender. For instance, the all-girls private school might opt to focus on cooking more than metalwork on the topic of technology.