You're not the only one who is trying to find the best gutter guard system. Many people search the internet for "the best gutter guard". This article can help you save hundreds of dollars if you're doing the same.

Gutter guards are available in many sizes, styles, and materials. They are more durable than the old plastic mesh screens sold in hardware stores. The most common gutter guard system was the old-style aluminum and plastic mesh screens in rolls. You can also look for the best gutter system at

However, they were quickly taken down. These lightweight mesh gutter protectors, or screen-like gutter protectors, are not strong enough to withstand the weight of snow and ice. Many homeowners found that the mesh gutter protectors became too heavy from snow and ice, and had to be pushed down to the gutters. 

These mesh screens would eventually fall to the bottom and block small debris from being flushed out of the gutters by rain. Cone-shaped wire mesh plugs are another popular idea that does not work. 

These plugs are inserted into downspout outlets to prevent debris from blocking the downspouts. These mesh guards for downspouts can block any debris from getting into the downspouts. Even water, if you wrap a few leaves around them.