To get a mortgage in the current credit crunch climate can prove very frustrating and very difficult. On the news and in the finance magazines you read about lots of borrowing and finance problems for people who wish to borrow mortgages and loans, as well as businesses struggling to arrange credit or mortgage financing.

However there are some positives that you can do yourself to improve your credibility when you apply for a mortgages and loans on the application form. Firstly try and get a deposit together to make you look more serious.

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Most people if the cutback on their spending (necessities versus “wants”) you will manage to accrue some cash. This makes your application look more viable since you are bearing some of the risk of the mortgage yourself and this should improve your chances.

If this is not possible, then you need to apply for a full mortgage. This means the bank lends you the full amount of the mortgage value and you repay the bank over a set period of time.

This can be aided with a little help from yourself to improve your chances. You need to put yourself in the place of the bank manager and look at yourselves objectively and without bias. If you were the bank, would you lend to yourselves and take the risk?

If your answer is no, you need to write down why not! If there is doable changes, then action them to make your chances more promising. Once you have actioned them it may be worth leaving the application for a couple of months for the changes to start showing.

Ensuring the property is feasible and a good risk should also be looked at since should you default on the mortgage, the bank need to be able to reclaim their money.