Muscle aches behave differently from other body aches in that they give a prickling, tingling sensation that is more uncomfortable than anything else. At the same time, however, these pains are the easiest to relieve. Here we discuss some ways you can get short-term relief from muscle aches.


The encouragement of warm water helps. The warmth of the water loosens the muscle tissue and allows blood to flow more freely around it. This helps remove muscle waste (mainly lactic acid) that is responsible for soreness.

When you are fostering, you can do this for 15-30 minutes at a time, longer if the pain is more intense. To enhance the effects of warm water, you can apply a pain balm superficially to the affected area. If you want you can also buy these pain balms and other pain relieving products through sites like Musa Gold.

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Warm water bath

Hydrotherapy is really great for sore muscles. Take a bath with slightly warm water, a little hotter than is most comfortable for you, and soak in it.

This has the same effect as fostering, but this effect becomes more pronounced because the bath is meant to influence the entire body. Your circulation improves dramatically and that helps keep you pain free for longer periods of time.

The athlete method

Athletes use a different and very effective method to treat their muscle pain. Their method is different because they treat the affected area not only with heat, but also with cold. This temperature difference really helps.

They first rest the muscle for a few hours, without moving it at all, and then apply a cold ice pack to the area. This is kept for 15-30 minutes. When finished, the area is left alone for a while until the temperature returns to normal.

Then, the promotion is carried out for another 15-30 minutes. A single session of this treatment is enough to eliminate muscle pain permanently. However, another session, i.e. another cold compress and warm water boosting treatment, can be done if the pain has been severe.