When purchasing a car color is the primary consideration! There are a lot of possibilities. There are a few key aspects that will help you determine which one best matches your personal fashion. Black matt is the most popular paint colour and silver is sometimes more flair. 

When a car loses its color, the value of it decreases and it will never look the same. Here are some suggestions and tricks to remove this paint, prevent the elements from destroying your paint and repair the damage that you've already caused!

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There are a variety of coatings for vehicles, such as matte finish, enamel and acrylic. Regardless of what finish you choose, the coating on your vehicle is environmentally green. Always make sure to use a preventive maintenance plan for security.

The sun's ultraviolet light can alter the shine of the coating. Also since the metal holds heat, it may cause permanent staining. The only solution is to apply coats, seals or coatings.

Air pollution is the next issue as they transform into sulfuric acid and nitric acid which eventually get into your car and eat away at the paint. To prevent this from happening, ensure that your car is clean by cleaning it frequently. If your vehicle is clean, it will not let moisture build up which can cause corrosion.