Many people spend less time choosing a real estate agent than deciding where to have lunch. Real estate agents are like belly buttons: everyone has one! Everyone knows or works with or is connected to, plays tennis or softball, goes to the movies, lives with, even sleeps with real estate agents! So what?

Your home, or one you are considering buying, is probably the greatest asset you have, and the people you hire to look after those assets should be carefully consulted and selected. You can also check for real estate professional and greater cleveland realtor.

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Don't give your house to someone just because you "know" them. Write your homework. Ask him. Get references.

Here are some questions you can ask them:

1. What is your average time to sell a house?

2. Do you create virtual brochures? Are they well done?

3. Do you have your own website? Is it interesting and easy to find on the internet?

4. What is your marketing strategy?

5. How often do you hold open houses?

6. How often do you fill out information fields outside of your home?

7. How well do you represent past clients who bought homes through you?

And then there are the current market realities. Is the agency you're considering connected and high-tech enough to market today's rapidly changing technology? Can you find this buyer outside of town? Can they attract enough network traffic to sell your home quickly?