Although many ASVAB books contain many practice tests, they should not be canceled. Taking one exam right after another not only means losing the practice exam, it also doesn't teach you where you are and increases your knowledge base.

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When you take your next practice exam, put a key on your answer sheet as follows:

G = I think to use this when you don't know what the question is or how to continue answering

M = Maybe use this when you have an idea but are not too sure of your answer

K = Knowledge Use this option for questions you feel confident about

This will give you the maximum score for your exam. For each assumption,  you can mark topics and related topics and then read on. You don't have to worry about that while you prepare for ASVAB. 

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If you have a question in time, reach out to the recruiter or your friend, or find the answer online. But don't let these little things get in the way. You can also buy an ASVAB guide to get the answers to your questions.