Always read the manufacturer's instructions for coloring and top cover when learning how to repaint a deck. Drying time varies depending on temperature and humidity.

Before you begin, inspect the deck planks for any necessary repairs to cracks or protruding nails. Here are some additional tips to make things run more smoothly.

• Do not apply cover products in direct sunlight. This layer dries too quickly and does not get absorbed into the wood.

• Use a water test to check the deck every few months to make sure the sealant is still holding water.

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• Clean dirt regularly.

• If you have a new deck made of processed wood (as opposed to cedar or redwood), wait at least a few weeks before sealing it for the first time. This allows the wood to dry so that the stain is absorbed.

• If you replace a curved or damaged plank, the new wood will not be the same color as your other decks. If you want to paint right away, use an opaque or transparent dye to create the surface of the mixture.

• An alternative to stains or sealants is a repair agent or product. This coating is like a very thick paint applied with a brush or roller. They are ideal for covering deck boards and have no wood grain.