Light exercises on the stomach and back

Changes in posture during pregnancy due to excess weight in the front, and weakness and increased pressure on the abdominal and back muscles can cause severe pain during pregnancy.

Pregnancy, so abdominal and back exercises are very important to strengthen the stomach and back, and they prepare for their role in the battalion stage. You can hire nutrition, fitness and wellness expert for the best health.

Chest exercises

This is an important exercise in maintaining the shape of your breasts, which can change due to size changes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Breathing and relaxation exercises

This exercise shows the importance of oxygen for pregnant women and how to use it to control pain during childbirth. This exercise helps relieve stress, which can shorten its duration

Work for 5 to 6 hours. That the hormone "oxytocin", which is responsible for contraction, is filtered better when you relax and this exercise includes, reducing nerve pressure, the hormone is secreted

Faster, which shortens the time of birth?

-Practice safe sports!

Organize exercise – Don't get so tired after exercise that you have trouble breathing as that means your child is not getting enough oxygen, which can be dangerous.


Exercise at least three times a week, but instead of one long session, try two short periods of time at a time throughout the day. Start your workout with simple exercises and even reach a level that is comfortable for you.