The light cycle and associated phytochrome systems are used to determine the duration of each day and to determine how close the plants are to flowering time.

With our clones, we are only interested in the progress in root growth, which is necessary for their survival. To get marijuana clones you can also opt for clones for sale Los Angeles at Mendo Bros.

If you want to turn off the lights for dark times and schedule recovery times for your clones, we recommend a twice-daily schedule.

Plants use dark periods to carry out a series of chemical reactions using stored light during the day. Clones have minimal leaves and can complete the required process much faster than full-fledged plants.

Here's a simple explanation that forms the basis of our recommendation for a twice-daily night cycle for clones, if you don't want to turn off the lights at all:

If you turn off the lights twice a day, your clone's phytochrome system processes can start and begin to convert the accumulated "pfr" chromoproteins and convert them to "pr".

This only happens during the night cycle and when light reaches the chromoproteins, the process is reversed and all the "pr" is converted back into "pfr".

However, because your clone can't store that much "pr", this function doesn't require a long period of darkness.