One of the many courses offered by the Institute of Health and Safety is a great way to introduce employees to safety and health. IOSH offers a variety of awards for students at all levels, from cleaners to CEOs.

IOSH Working Safely is a great place to start for employees who want to improve their knowledge. This course is one day and teaches the basics of employee welfare at work. You can Click to read more about IOSH Courses before joining.

IOSH Working Safely is applicable to all industries. This course explains the responsibilities of an individual and emphasizes the importance of creating a positive work environment. It takes only one day to complete. Students will be able to identify hazards and know the difference between risk and hazard. They will also have the knowledge to help improve their safety and health performance. 

This course is appropriate for all employees and will give them a practical understanding of welfare issues. Assessment will be done by a simple hazard spotter paper and a ten-word multiple-choice exam.However, it is important to have a deeper understanding of safety and health management within an organization. IOSH offers a Managing Safely course to help with this. 

The course is usually four days long and is designed for supervisors and managers to learn how to control workplace hazards and implement controls to manage them.Upon successful completion of both courses, candidates receive a lifetime certificate. They can be used as a standalone course for anyone who wants to learn the skills necessary to manage safety at work on a daily basis.