Key Cutters generate duplicate keys from the original or codes, mostly for local customers, but sometimes also for commercial customers. Do you leave your keys in the door forever or lock yourself in the car?

Don't worry, this happens to all of us at the best of times – mostly when we're late or have to pick up the kids from school! If your keys are lost you can make a duplicate of them, and nowadays locksmiths provide key cutting services. You can also hire key cutting near you via

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If you need to replace your car key because it's broken or lost, there are several things you can do. You can get started by contacting your dealer or ordering it online. However, this is usually the most expensive option, and your replacement may take some time to arrive.

Not to mention ordering online is risky, and even if you order one that matches an existing key, you'll still need someone to program it. Emergencies can happen at any time – so you need to know who to call! provides 24-hour on-call service to all businesses and residents in the Northeast.

Using the latest key replication technologies and methods, we can back up your keys in minutes, so you can protect your property or car sooner rather than later.