Small foundation cracks are one of the biggest problems. These small cracks cannot cause a big problem but they can easily get bigger. The continued growth of small cracks will cause big problems in your building foundation.

The best way to cope up with the problem of ‘extreme foundation cracks’ (also known as “fissures extrmes de fondation” in the French language) is to move around in your home and see if there are some cracks. 

Foundation Cracks: Causes, Seriousness and When To Worry - Buyers Ask

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After examining the cracks you need to write the location where the crack exists. You can also take some pictures of the cracks so that you can compare the crack after some days. 

You cannot neglect foundation cracks because it will be trouble for you in the future. If you absorb that the crack is becoming bigger than you need to call a professional or repair it on your own. 

You can hire a contractor who is familiar with your building foundation and know about the problems in your area. A good contractor will be answerable to your every question. He will also provide you with the best solution according to your budget. 

If the small cracks are not getting bigger or larger than you don’t have to worry about the foundation of your building. Hairline cracks are quite common in everything that is made up of concrete.