Charcuterie is a blend of cured meats that highlight ways that preserve or enhance flavor. The ideal way to do this is to contrast flavors or paired together to increase pleasure, and a mix of texture and colors are utilized. It's a good way to diversify your palate and is visually pleasing when served on a plate.

Charcuterie is an elegant term used to describe cured meat. The word is derived from French origins dating back to the 15th century in which people consumed every portion of the meat, and did not leave anything to go to waste. You can also visit to buy the best charcuterie boards for serving.

The meat then went through the process of preservation by curing, which was usually shaped into a sausage or dried-aged meat. It was the time before refrigeration, therefore vinegar, salt as well as smoke were vital to preserving meat. The term typically refers to pork, however, it can be used to refer to other kinds of cured meats too.

The word "charcuterie" is derived from two French words: "chair" which means "flesh," and "cut" which refers to "cooked." Although you could travel across Europe and come across charcuterie shops that serve cured meats, as well as food items, the style and its appreciation, had not really gained momentum across the United States until more recently.

Charcuterie boards are made up of cured meats as well as a range of combinations. They almost always include cheeses, however, they may also have various different sweet and savory choices in addition.