You are in the middle of a manicure and suddenly your nail falls over. The thick, bright and glossy polish starts seeping over the carpet. Although we all know that it is not a good choice to paint nails and other related manicure stuff on a carpet or rug without any protection, still our carelessness overpowers this caution.

This also suggests that we simply do not have time to listen to lectures on carpet care. So, our last solution is to learn how to remove makeup stain from the carpet. Without wasting any more time, pick up that dribbling bottle of nail polish, grab some cleaning materials and forget about the manicure.

makeup stains

Read on these steps to effectively remove nail polish from your beautiful carpet.

How to clean up fresh spills:

 Stuffs you need

To clean up fresh spills you need Nail polish remover, Soft cloths, Water, Hydrogen peroxide, Hairspray, Rubbing alcohol, Carpet cleaner

– Steps for fresh spills clean up

  • Fresh nail paints are comparatively easier to clean than old dried up spills. It can be removed easily and completely if you follow these simple steps:
  • If a nail spill occurs, act fast because the longer you delay the worse the stain is going to be. So, keep the place moist, prevent the area from drying and do not let the paint set, as this will make your task difficult.
  • Get a soft cloth, old will also do. Blot up as much of the polish as possible. To prevent the stain from spreading, change to fresh portions of the cloth frequently.
  • Keep the polish wet by blotting the area well with water.
  • Soak another cloth in nail polish remover. Test a small portion which is hidden or in a corner to make sure that the remover does not fades the actual color of the carpet. Remember to keep the to-be- treated- spot moist while you are testing.
  • If the test works well, dampen the cloth with some more nail polish remover and blot the cloth on the spill. You will observe that the nail polish colour is transferred to the piece of cloth.
  • Continue blotting by changing the cloth frequently till you remove the spot completely.

Extra advice and suggestion:

Acetone is a chemical that can bleach your carpet. If you are worried of discolouration, an acetone-free remover can be your best choice.

If you have tried and tested every stain removal procedure, but the stain still remains, you can bank on a company offering professional carpet cleaning. They make use of special techniques and advanced tools to take proper care of the carpets