If you or a loved one in Seattle suffers from Parkinson's disease from exposure to paraquat, you may have reason to sue for Parkinson's disease against manufacturer Syngenta. The paraquat lawsuit allows Seattle people and families affected by the side effects of paraquat to seek compensation for the medical costs, pain, suffering, and harm caused by this highly toxic herbicide.

Paraquat Parkinson's case for Seattle residents:

If you or a family member has Parkinson's disease in Seattle and has a history of paraquat, you may be able to sue Parkinson's paraquat in Seattle for damages for any harm you have caused to this highly toxic herbicide. Claiming a lawsuit is the only method to obtain compensation for medical bills, lost time from work, pain, suffering, and damages caused by Parkinson's disease in Seattle. Many people also take the help of Seattle attorneys for paraquat lawsuits so as to complete the process of lawsuit legally.

Paraquat Lawsuit for Farmer's with Parkinson's Disease

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The attorneys accept Paraquat Parkinson's claims by Seattle residents and offer free and non-mandatory reviews of Paraquat cases to Seattle residents who fit this description. This can include farmers, people who have used paraquat in non-farm environments, and people who live in areas where paraquat has been used.

Over the past decade, numerous studies have documented an association between paraquat exposure and Parkinson's disease. People in the Seattle area who use paraquat in agricultural conditions, on roads or rails, or live near paraquat are at risk for Parkinson's disease. 

Depending on the level or duration of exposure and some genetic factors, the risk can be very high. Parkinson's disease is a serious degenerative disease that causes permanent damage and loss of motor control. Paraquat Parkinson's disease can also cause various emotional challenges such as depression, apathy, and insomnia.