Farm animals are a significant & integrated part of the majority of organic farms. They make valuable contributions to the sustainability and productivity of agricultural systems. You can also visit to know about organic farming methods.

On the other hand, the maturation of natural animal husbandry has been slower compared to natural plant production. There are lots of reasons for this, philosophical and historical in addition to the fact that the study on animal production frequently is significantly more expensive and harder to execute when compared with harvest study. 

But organic farming studies have increased considerably in many nations recently and the result is enhanced efficiency and efficacy anticipated in the natural production of vegetables, in addition to better animal welfare.


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Animals are a significant part of the majority of organic farms and research to develop better natural systems & has become performed in several nations. 

Thus, we could anticipate organic farming with the help of animals to rise through the decades to come. The objective of organic farming would be to look for a quilt of agroecosystems inside a landscape unit, use of natural resources, benefit to local ecosystems, thus gaining durability and sustainability.

The choice of animal species has to be done for crop production, and they can be used in the process of organic farming like for sowing seeds, etc.