Is there a difference between the first edition and the unlimited edition cards? frequently asked questions. In this article, we read about flesh and blood tcg cards. If you want to buy a first edition box, make sure it has an alpha or first edition label and you'll be fine.

However, it is not the same as buying one. Buying the first released single is also much more difficult. How do you tell the difference? Take a look at these two images from the Arcane set. As you can see, the infinite version (right) in circles has its rarity. The first edition only had the letter C after the card code. You can purchase these flesh and blood tcg cards from online stores also.

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Does one question always come to mind will my card retain its value? Yes, in addition to in-game value, your first issued card retains its value. Especially when it comes to cold foil. This card will be plain or rainbow foil. If it's not a cold foil card, the difference is much smaller but still noticeable.

All of our cards have a label on the product image (on the category page) and a label on the product page. This is how your Flesh and Blood card on always gives you clarity on the print/circulation.