Once you’ve purchased your awning, you should empty everything out of the box and take an inventory of all your materials. Then, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find Your Studs

The most effective way to be sure you’re drilling into the center of a stud is to use your stud finder to locate the stud and then drill some test holes into the stud to determine its width.  However, It would be highly recommended to get help from professionals for the installation of commercial retractable awnings.

The most secure place to mount a bracket is in the very center of each stud, so you want to know where the center of each stud is located. 

Step 2: Fill Your Locator holes

The test holes that you drilled can invite water, mold, and other debris that you’d prefer to keep out of your load-bearing structures. Use silicone caulk to fill the holes so your studs or joists are protected from water damage or decay due to the weather.

Step 3: Install the Brackets

Now that you’ve got the center of each stud marked, you can install the brackets while following the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Take your time and be careful when you’re working on a ladder or roof.

Step 4: Mount the Awning Hood and Bar

The last step is to put the actual awning onto the brackets. The instructions that come with your DIY retractable awning should explain how to install the hood and bar. Use silicone caulking to secure the hood and seal any crevices.

Step 5: Test the Awning

Check to see that you’re able to walk underneath the lowest point without hitting your head. Consider the height of others who may be walking through the area as well to be sure no one is going to be injured due to poor clearance.