No situation requires a fully private immigration attorney. Be careful not to go wrong. We are not saying immigration lawyers are worthless. They are not needed.

In fact, hiring a migration lawyer is just a subject of preference. Being an immigration lawyer, we can securely say that some emigration issues may not need the attention of Canadian immigration lawyers. When someone needs to renew their green card, there is a form to do so, easy to find on the USCIS website, which they can fill out and pay a fee themselves. 

Common mistakes to avoid when hiring an Immigration Lawyer

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Other immigration issues may seem easy to the inexperienced eye, but they can turn into an immigrant's gravest nightmare if he misses something on his record or admits something that makes it difficult to immigrate where he shouldn't be. For example, someone with a criminal record who applies for naturalization can be removed. Please don't allow this.

Then there are the really tough immigration issues that people usually don't know how to handle, like filing complicated refusal requests, navigating all kinds of visa-based job categories, and many more are involved in the deportation process which requires at least several hearings before the immigration court.

With that in mind, there are some really good reasons why people prefer to hire immigration attorneys:

  • Immigration laws are complex.
  • Immigration lawyers can help prevent future immigration problems.
  • Immigration lawyers do better (statistically).