Background check services are basically where a company buys a collection of public records from the likes of police stations and courthouses and then compiles them into a single database which you can search. You can then perform a criminal background check by searching for your 'target' individual. This will then produce all the records that the company has for that person. You can also run the criminal record background check services on anyone.

The problem with many different background checks services is that they simply aren't very reliable at all. This was especially true when background checks were paper-based.

Before computers and the Internet, background checks used to be conducted manually, with people sifting through huge piles of information to find the records you wanted. This obviously leads to a lot of wrong records being placed together, meaning that you couldn't really rely on the background report you got a few days later.

Nowadays, the Internet has not only made this industry a lot more transparent, but it's also allowed you to find out a lot more information about people; more information than ever before. Because the Internet allows you to now search through numerous people's details, you can quickly and easily search through their background information with one of these background check services. Because these services are incredibly transparent, you can see exactly who you're getting the details for.

Criminal background check service allows you to search through over 400 million different sets of records, giving you the ability to perform a criminal background check on anyone.