Cordless drills are a favorite of builders everywhere, the ease of use and power on tap without finding an electrical outlet makes them so much more convenient and a lot safer than a mains powered drill.

When you are looking to purchase a cordless drill there is a confusing array of specifications to wade through and many of them are meaningless to the average guy in the street, so what should you be looking at, or for?

The first consideration should always be, "What do I want it for?" Cordless drills come in a range of sizes and each one has a particular place in the tool shed. You can find the best cordless drill in Australia via online sources.

cordless drill

If you are going to be undertaking a construction project then bigger is generally better. A 36-volt cordless drill will perform pretty much the same tasks as a mains drill. The drawback for the DIY'er is the cost, these drills have a hefty price tag and so are more suited to the builder who will be using them most of the time.

Next down the scale is the 24-volt battery drill. These are good all-rounders and the price is not out of the range of the average householder. The main difference between the two is simply down to power, a higher voltage will generally mean more torque or turning force and will go longer between charging. The 12 to 18-volt drills are more aimed at the general populace although carpenters, kitchen, and bathroom fitters will all have a couple of these in the van.

These cordless drills are good for a variety of tasks from drill holes in timber or light masonry to being used as a battery screwdriver. When you are in the market for cordless drills make sure to read up on the subject to have a good idea that the drill you choose will do the job you want it to.