Using a driving net, either in your yard or home, can dramatically improve your ball striking and lower your golf scores. But which golf nets are not practical and leave you frustrated, and which pass the test? We need to take a look at the important features of a quality golf driving net.

1) Easy Assembly- Some nets are notoriously hard to set up and take 2 people to set up! You want to purchase something that is easily portable in case you want to move it inside or out. You can also navigate to this website to buy golf net online.

2) Strong Netting- A ripped net can mean a hole in your wall, a broken window on the next-door neighbor's house, or someone seriously hurt. Polyurethane hitting nets are notorious for ripping after a few hits if you hit the ball hard. Make sure the company backs up its claims about the strength of the netting.

3) Hitting Mats- Does the driving net come with a hitting mat that comes with some plastic tees? A lot of models do not so make sure you buy one if it doesn't! It can save your lawn some serious damage and also you can now hit inside in colder months.

4) Pricing- Quality comes with a price when it comes to golf driving nets. Cheaper nets tend to tear easier. It's not always the case with everything, but usually, when you spend more you get a better quality driving net.

5) Hitting Targets- Not many of the nets come with hitting targets. This is no problem because you can just get creative with some white ribbon or athletic tape.

Take those 5 criteria into account and you'll be sure to find the best driving net to purchase online.