A skewer, also known as a shisha or water pipe, is a single or multiple-stemmed tool used to smoke or vaporize flavored tobacco called a skewer.

Smoking shisha has become very popular in recent years as it spreads through shisha cafes. This time is often experienced at home because people buy their shisha pipes to enjoy their free time. You can also buy shisha pipe online through various online sites. 

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What do people smoke in their pipes first?

While there are conflicting reports about what a bottle was used for before tobacco was introduced in the 17th century.

Only certain types of tobacco are considered suitable for smoking with a stick. Only black tobacco imported from Iran is considered of acceptable quality for skewers in the country. 

This tobacco must be washed several times to reduce the strong taste, while only oak charcoal is added to the tobacco.

Meanwhile, some smokers add fruit like cherries just to enjoy the movement they make in the water. Some will also consider putting rose oil or pomegranate juice on the skewers to enhance the flavor and, therefore, the experience.

Before adjusting the bottle, you should wash all components and materials thoroughly with water. When the pipes are clean, the smoke becomes much more pleasant and vice versa. 

After cleaning the device, select a glass vase and fill it with cold water. Make sure the stem of the water pipe is about 5 cm submerged in water. You can even add ice if you want.