If you are planning on going on an extended vacation, being able to pack light (and "pack small") is essential. Anyone who has ever been backpacking will tell you that there are moments, especially when they were hungry or tired when they wished that they could just shed a few pounds of luggage or wished that they didn't have to carry a heavy, cumbersome rucksack.

Before you go, you should make sure your bag is a comfortable weight for you to be able to carry without hurting yourself. If you would prefer to have to take only one charger for everything, a portable wireless charger is a perfect accessory to take traveling with you. You can buy a wireless charger from https://www.kewlabstech.com/product/invisible-wireless-charger.

Deciding what to take with you and what to leave out of your rucksack can be difficult, and space or weight savings devices can come in handy.

Although there are some gadgets that you possibly don't need to take traveling with you if you are planning on "roughing it a bit" (think hair straighteners, games consoles, fax machine, etc), there are a few "mod-cons" that are a good idea. 

However, having to take 3 different chargers with you does not help you if you are trying to "pack light", and no matter how hard you try, the wires will ALWAYS end up in a tangled knot in your luggage, which you will have to unpick every time you need to use something. So going for a wireless charger is the best option.