By evaluating gemstones is that those with the brightest and most vivid color usually determine the highest price. Heavier gemstones are rarer and more expensive than smaller ones which you can browse around this website. There is no general discount on gemstones for every US dollar.

When cleaning a necklace from gemstones, it is best to use the method of sea salt which is dry. Moonlight is another way to remove your gems. Hang your necklace with gemstones on the tree where the moonlight can clean it. It is never recommended to ever expose your crystals and gemstones to sunlight. Many stones tend to fade in the sun.

Some think this should make them more valuable, but the fact that they are not natural, coupled with their lower manufacturing costs, makes some gemstones that are made in the laboratory much more affordable than natural stones. To learn more about gemstones, visit the American Gemstone Society.

There is a Gemstone Buying Guide that provides basic information to help you identify and select high-quality gemstones that can become valuable family heirlooms, from inexpensive jewelry to designer fashion jewelry, from simple bracelets to luxurious necklaces. 

All types of men's and women's jewelry, including sole and vintage jewelry, are available from Overstock at attractive prices. Be careful when looking for stores and vendors that specialize in high-quality gemstones. It's easy to find good rocks these days with local markets around you and of course, the internet is a great place to look.