When decorating a girl's bedroom, keep the color scheme in the same family as the rest of the room. A mix of patterns can be fun and energizing, but it's best to stick with one color to keep everything in a cohesive design scheme. Mid-century modern vibes will also age well with your girl. Use a desk for homework, art projects, and reading. You can also create an open area with a pouf, which is a great place for hanging out with friends.

DIY headboard idea

DIY headboards have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to a desire to be creative and express oneself. With the rise of social media, DIY projects are also becoming more accessible than ever. Not only do DIY headboards provide a sense of accomplishment, but they also save money. Here are some DIY headboard ideas for girls that are both beautiful and practical. Using a sturdy board and a few basic tools, you can make a stylish headboard for your girl.

This DIY headboard design pays homage to the classic silhouette of a wrought-iron bed frame, but is actually made from canvas stretchers. Two 36×48-inch frames will fit a full-size bed. Then, cut off-white linen that is long enough to cover the frames on all sides. Once the linen is cut, staple it to the back of the frames using a staple gun. Repeat for every frame, making sure to leave enough material on each side to avoid ripping.

Upcycled furniture

When you are looking for unique bedroom accessories for little girls, upcycled furniture is a great option. A bedside table can be created from a used chair by using the same design and paint it a matching shade. Another piece of upcycled furniture can be used as a nightstand and can be painted to match the color scheme of the rest of the room. You must ensure that the piece of furniture is sturdy enough to hold some basic items.

You can also upcycle existing pieces of furniture, such as a dresser or chest of drawers. A bright, playful wallpaper design can add colour to an otherwise drab room. The same idea works on chairs, desks, or chests of drawers. You can even get the entire family involved in the process, as you can make a fun gallery wall and create an attractive display for the room.

Pattern mixing

The secret to pattern mixing is to choose a scale that will play well together. Playing with scale creates eye-catching contrast and adds visual interest to the room. Use the same pattern, but in different sizes or motifs. Choose two different types of prints in varying scales to create a balanced pattern combination. The most effective pattern mixing will result in a bedroom that is unique, eye-catching, and fun.

Try to avoid mixing patterns that are too different. For instance, too many flowers or too many stripes can cause eye fatigue. When mixing patterns, you can use complementary hues like coral, antique red, and blue to create a harmonious balance. Make sure you match the patterns with the interior design concept. Mixing patterns is easy to do, but remember to keep them complimentary. Mixing prints is a good way to give your bedroom a youthful feel.


Organizing a girls' bedroom can be as simple as a few clear containers hung on the closet wall. Desks make excellent storage pieces that can also double as decorative pieces. Having a desk in a girl's room will also save space. You can even spray paint the lids of old candy jars and use them as storage. To save more space, you can purchase a wall ladder desk.

Other ideas for storage include peg rails or a floating shelf. The shelves and pegs are great for storing things like clothes, PE bags, and even toys. Make sure to keep them high enough so they don't fall on the child while she's sleeping. You can even build storage shelves into the wall with pipe, boards, and twine. And remember to choose storage that will grow with your child.