Over the past two decades, the popularity of the marble tile floor has grown exponentially. There is nothing wrong to see that marble tile floors can give to a home or office and the fact is a very good investment too.

However; There are several types of marble tiles available to be chosen and each style has its own unique characteristics. One other thing to consider also is that floor tiles also include polished granite and many people fail to make this difference. You can buy the best terrazzo steps tiles to install at your house.

Granite tiles are polished darker in color than marble tiles and can range from gray to light gray to almost solid black. The polished granite countertops have become very popular for years to the point where they are almost a requirement in the first-class custom kitchen now.

So, it’s important that you know the difference between all types of marble and granite tiles before you start the design process of your home so that everything will fit correctly and you know what you see when you see the floor tiles.

Prices on all various marble and granite floor tiles can vary greatly but as per general rules, you will be able to find the cheapest price in marble floor tiles. This does not mean that all marble floor tiles are not expensive, because they are all not and in fact, some special marble floor tiles can be quite expensive.

This only means that you can always find several types of cheap marble floor tiles available on the market. Violence is one of the factors that determine the price of marble and granite tiles and this is why you really will not find budget granite floor tiles at low prices as marble. Granite is a very hard stone and because it’s expensive to cut and polish and the darker granite is getting more expensive tiles.