A weight bench is simply a piece of modern-day equipment which have an aesthetic resemblance to an ordinary bench, but is specifically designed for usage in weight-training exercises. Weight benches are usually used by personal trainers, fitness instructors or gym owners to help their clients to execute weight-training exercises in an effective and efficient manner. Weight-training benches are designed to provide their users with maximum safety and comfort whilst performing strength-training exercises. Weight-training benches also help to maximise the effectiveness of dumbbells, barbells or other weight-lifting equipment.

There are many different types of weight benches available to purchase today from a wide variety of manufacturers, including those that are adjustable and have an inclined bench design. It is usually possible to adjust the weight bench to allow you to target specific muscles with relative ease. These benches are ideal for body-building exercises and other intensive workout routines. If you are just starting out with weight-training, then adjustable benches are highly recommended as they help you perform your exercises in a safer manner. Adjustable weight benches can be adjusted to allow you to target your chest, back, shoulder and arms, so depending on the nature of your exercises you can target these specific muscle groups. For example, if you are undertaking curls, triceps extensions and bench presses, then it is important to be sure that the weight bench you use is adjustable so that you can ensure that your muscles are adequately supported.

Generally, weight benches can be purchased either as a fully functional unit that allows you to perform all the exercises listed above, or as a non-functional version called a flat bench that enables you to perform only basic weight-training exercises. A flat bench is an excellent choice if you are just starting out with weight-training as it helps you to achieve balance and core strength. Although it is relatively easy to adjust the level of exercise on a flat bench, it is not easy to adjust the level of exercise on an inclined weight bench. Most weight benches are manufactured with a seat and a foot board for your convenience but the best weight-training benches are designed with a removable bench press plate that allows you to perform different workouts on the bench. These specialized workout bars are made from rubber and feature a heavy duty lock to make them durable and reliable. Many models of weight benches also feature an adjustable torso section that can allow you to adjust the position of the bench's end caps to ensure that your body is properly supported during every workout session.

Lifting on weight benches in your home gym or fitness center allows you to work with many of your upper body muscle groups without having to move from one position to another. You can also target lower body muscle groups while completing your workout on weight benches as you can pull a bar over top of the bench to complete decline positions. Weight benches are also useful in the prevention of injury when performing a variety of workouts in your home gym.

When you begin your weight lifting workouts, you may find that you are unsure which exercises to use and how to do them safely. Weight training benches offer safety during your first few workouts as you learn how to lift and use the weights. When you become more experienced, you can progress to heavier weight benches that will allow you to complete more difficult workouts. As you add weight to your weight benches, you will be able to push yourself past your previous limits. For example, you may have only attempted to bench press fifty pounds before. Now that you have reached two hundred pounds, you will be able to complete five to eight reps of each exercise.

One of the features that most weight benches feature that make them convenient for home users is it has 7 adjustable height positions and 3 seat positions. This allows the user to change the position of the weight benches to work different muscles groups during their workout sessions. Most units also have a built in cardio machine that helps you burn calories by mimicking the actual movement of lifting weights. If you are using a standard weight bench that does not feature a cardio machine, then you will want to invest in one that does so to maximize your workout sessions.