Teeth whitening can have a very positive effect on patients, including cleaners, whiter teeth lead to increased trust in the patient's smile.

Zoom Teeth Whitening is one of the latest innovations in increasing the appearance of teeth. This procedure uses a heated light to activate bleach gel, which increases the process rate. 

This teeth whitening procedure can be completed in three sessions of 15 minutes and produces a smile that can reach many hearts.

Teeth whitening

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Your dentist will actually clean the teeth first, then they will take notes on the color of your teeth using a color chart or digital photography. 

Next, they will prepare the procedure by placing protection around the gum so that only your teeth are affected by light gel. This is very important because the gel contains a high concentration of peroxide. 

The gel is then applied and exposed to the light to activate it; After sufficient time the gel passes and the dentist will evaluate the final result using a color chart or by taking digital photos.

The main advantage of choosing a teeth whitening zoom is that it is a fully safe and painless procedure that is clinically proven and will not endanger teeth enamel. This procedure can only be done by qualified dental professionals, so patients know that they are always in safe hands.

The results of the zoom teeth whitening are durable, but the teeth will begin to change color after a period of time. Dentists suggest not to eat dark-colored foods and drinks including red wine, coffee, and tea for at least one week after treatment to keep your smile white and shiny.